The Cost of Christmas: How "Justinflation" is Affecting Canadians

December 22, 2022

As the holiday season approaches, many Canadians are struggling to make ends meet. We are living in an era of record-high inflation and skyrocketing interest rates, where the dream of owning a home is no longer attainable for many Canadians. In 2022, a home mortgage now costs Canadians 64% of their income. These upcoming weeks will be especially tough, as rising food prices have many people turning to fast food instead of cooking meals at home. Canadians are increasingly unable to keep up with rising food prices, fuel prices and home heating prices. We are being priced out of every facet of life.

Canadians are barely getting by, with almost all of their income contributing to bare necessities, such as putting food on the table and fuelling up their car to head to work. There is more to life than just getting by. The Liberals continuously demonstrate how out of touch they are with the average Canadian. Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland’s advice on how to get by during this inflationary period is to cut out Disney Plus subscriptions of $11.99. 

The situation many Canadians are in today is due to runaway inflation caused by the Liberal’s frivolous spending and money printing. Instead of helping Canadians, the Liberals are doubling down and making life harder for us. The carbon tax on fuel remains in place, and the Liberals are tripling the carbon tax on home heating. These are commodities for which many Canadians do not have a choice of alternatives. 

Conservatives are proposing pragmatic solutions to inflation and the cost of living crisis. Canadians need a government that will be able to get government spending under control. Instead, the Liberals continue to spend more and more. 

Join the Conservative party in our fight to make life more affordable for Canadians. 

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- Emily D.