Winnipeg South Conservative Association

Welcome to the Winnipeg South Conservative Association. We are a group of local Conservative Party members from all walks of life concerned about the future of our community and the direction of our country.

We volunteer to support and promote the Conservative Party of Canada in the Winnipeg South electoral district because we believe in hard work, creating jobs, opportunity, equality, a country that is united and a public service that serves the public. Canadians deserve better today and our children and grandchildren should not have to worry about their tomorrow.

We value your feedback and want to hear from you on issues or concerns that are important to you. You may also wish to become involved in the constituency association, volunteer, or support us with a donation by clicking on the donation link above. 

Together, let's fight for Canada and defeat Justin Trudeau to bring a common sense approach back to Ottawa.


Boundaries description

Consisting of that part of the City of Winnipeg described as follows: commencing at the intersection of the Red River with Bishop Grandin Boulevard; thence northeasterly along said boulevard to St. Anne’s Road; thence southeasterly along said road to Four Mile Road; thence easterly along said road to a point at approximate latitude 49°47’21”N and longitude 97°03’19”W; thence northeasterly in a straight line to the intersection of the Seine River with the easterly limit of the City of Winnipeg; thence generally southerly, generally southwesterly and generally northerly along the easterly, southerly and westerly limits of said city to McGillivray Boulevard; thence northeasterly along said boulevard to Waverley Street; thence southerly along said street to Bishop Grandin Boulevard; thence northeasterly and generally easterly along said boulevard to the point of commencement.