About our Candidate



Melanie has experience working in both the private sector and within all three levels of government. She was proud to have worked along side the former Conservative Member of Parliament for Winnipeg South as the Chief of Staff leading up to his retirement in October 2015.

Immediately following the 2015 election, Melanie was sought out by the office of the Mayor and after the Progressive Conservatives won a majority government, she made the move to the Manitoba Legislature. Melanie was grateful to have the opportunity to serve as political staff with the Minister of Families and most recent with the Minister of Finance.

Since 2010, Melanie has been an active member and organizer of the Winnipeg South Conservative Association, including as President.

Melanie is passionate about helping people and has the right experience to represent the residents of Winnipeg South, both at home and in Ottawa. She wants to be your Member of Parliament to help our government achieve a strong economy, lower taxes, and balanced budgets, so that seniors, families and all hardworking Canadians have more money in their pockets at the end of each month.

Melanie has strong family values and since 2008, she and her husband Jim, a member of the Royal Canadian Air Force, and their two children have called friendly Manitoba home.

Contact: 204-891-5929


Date nominated: 5/3/2019